Color Witches Collective teaching Natural Dyeing Classes!

We’re so excited to announce that Meghan Maze is joining Michelle Russell in teaching Natural Dye classes at PCH Craft Camp.

Color Witches (on instagram as @colorwitches and Facebook as ColorWitches) is a Natural Dyeing Collaboration between Michelle Russell in California (@leftcoastdyer) and Meghan Maze in New York (@colorterror).

Both instructors grow their own dye plants, and have worked with a wide spectrum of fiber arts, including: dyeing, spinning, knitting, weaving, paint creation, printing, and anything to do with natural, plant-based pigments and dyes.

Michelle has taught many years within the Society For Creative Anachronism, an educational non-profit that promotes experiential learning about Medieval Europe. She has also worked with homeschool groups, sharing whatever is her latest fiber arts obsession. 

Meghan leads dye parties at her home, inciting others to join in her natural dye obsession. She has found that even the most squeamish dip their hands in the urine indigo vat if the color is right.