Pods? Why sleep in a pod?

Pods are awesome! Replicate the feel of camp without sleeping in a bunk bed. You get comfort and privacy while also getting to know your fellow campers. We hope it will be a bonding experience, but there are more private options available if you prefer—it is your choice!

I live locally. Can I come for day camp and sleep at home?

Sorry, no. Day camp is not an option at Craft Camp. This is a luxury camping experience, a chance to get away from your daily life and have fun with your fellow campers! It is also the policy of 1440 Multiversity that attendees must lodge on site.

Am I guaranteed a spot in the class I want?

Classes are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis, so the sooner you register, the better your chances of getting into the class you prefer. That said, all campers are guaranteed spots in classes, and we think our classes are all great.

Is campus accessible?

Yes! The buildings are all accessible, and there are accommodations available for anyone who cannot traverse the hilly terrain, including a shuttle service between buildings. See the 1440 FAQ for details, and contact us if you have other needs.

Can I bring my spouse/child/pet with me to Craft Camp?

Craft Camp is camp for adults; non-participating friends and spouses are welcome to book lodging separately. No pets are allowed but service animals are welcome. Please see the 1440 FAQ for more information.

What skill levels is Craft Camp geared toward?

All skill levels! We will have something for everyone.

Please email info@pchcraftcamp.com with any other questions