wardrobe building with Sonya

Learn to sew your own clothes, starting with this uncomplicated garment - just four seams and a hem. The neck is finished with bias tape facing. Students will learn how to cut pattern pieces, finish seams and make their own bias tape. The pattern in eight sizes, will be provided to trace and take home. While this is a beginning sewing class, some previous experience using a sewing machine is necessary.

- 1.5 yards of lightweight woven fabric like a cotton lawn or voile
- fat quarter or 0.5 yard of fabric for bias tape
- matching thread


Take the mystery out of sewing sleeves! Dress no. 2 is a basic garment with set in sleeves and a slight A-line silhouette. Learn how to cut pattern pieces, attach sleeves, finish seams and make bias tape. In this full day workshop, students will have the opportunity to customize their garment, adding elements like pin tucks or in-seam pockets, as well as different neckline variations. The pattern in eight sizes, will be provided for students to take home. While this is beginning sewing class, previous experience using a sewing machine is necessary.


- 3-3.5 yards of pre-washed fabric (cotton, linen, wool or natural fiber blend) NO jersey or knits
- fat quarter or 0.5 yard of fabric for bias tape
- matching thread

Knitting with Simone

Brioche 101: 2-color Brioche Knitting 

Learn the basics of 2-color Brioche Knitting 

If you are new to Brioche or need a total refresher, start with the basics and build confidence from there! Learn what to watch out for and get a feel for ‘Brioche anatomy’ before casting on. 

Join Simone and learn the basics of 2-Color Brioche knitting. In this class Simone will teach you the basics of 2-color Brioche knitting worked flat. How the brioche knit and brioche purl stitch work, how to read a brioche pattern, how to count stitches and rows as well as how to measure gauge. All this while Simone guides your through the ins and outs of an included scarf pattern. The pattern we will work from is a scarf in two lengths that let’s you choose if you want to keep going or perhaps be done and, instead of making it 60" long, work the button band option and sew on buttons! My kind of scarf! 

Class level: Great class for both new and beginner brioche knitters 

Duration: 3 hours 

Skills needed: Participants should know how to knit, purl, cast on and bind off, read from a pattern. No previous Brioche experience necessary! 

Simone Kereit OwlCatDesigns@gmail.com Owl Cat Designs www.OwlCatDesigns.com 


Fixing Mistakes 

Did you ever have to put your project aside until you could go for help at the LYS because you dropped a stitch? Learn to fix common mistakes in your knitting! 

Class level: Adventurous beginner 

Duration: 3 hours 

Skills needed: participants should know how to knit, purl, cast on and bind off 

Learn how to read your knitting and notice mistakes and how to fix them without having to tink back rows and rows to where the problem happened. We all have done it, you knit happily in front of the TV and the next day, oops, WHAT is that?? You dropped a stitch, knit a stitch you were meant to purl, knit across ribbing, forgot that yarn over and that stitch that you thought you fixed just looks really odd… now you have to wait until you can make it to the yarn store for help or beg your friend who can fix such things to meet with you for ‘coffee’. 

Imagine how much more time to knit you have, if you could take care of some of the common mistakes! 

Techniques covered: 

  • Fixing dropped stitches on stockinette stitch fabric 

  • Fixing dropped stitches on garter and reverse stockinette fabric 

  • Fixing twisted stitches 

  • Changing stray knit or purl stitches into the opposite 

  • Add a missing yo or M1R/M1L increase 

Shawl Shapes 

Explore different shapes of shawls and how they are constructed. 

In this class we will delve into some of the popular shawl shapes by knitting several mini shawl swatches and learn about the construction and advantages of each shape. 

Starting with a classic top down triangle shape, we will learn how to get started with a garter tab cast on. Then we will examine several of the popular and modern shawl shapes (including asymmetric triangle and crescent shape) and try out different ways of shaping them. 

We will also discuss placing lace patterns within these shawl shapes and what bind offs you might use for shawls. 

Class level: Intermediate 

Duration: 3 hours 

Skills needed: Participants should know how to knit, purl, cast on and bind off, increase and decrease, read and work from a pattern. 

Ability to work from a chart is a plus but not a requirement. 

natural dyeing

Indigo Resist Playdate

Enjoy a full-day, hands-on indigo class exploring a variety of resist methods, from 8th century Japanese shibori techniques to quick modern cheats. We will play, exploring process during the first half of the day, and then make take-home sampler buntings with our favorite pieces. I love to talk about the various types of indigo vats and will most likely have more than one to work with and compare.

Things to bring:

Apron and/or clothes that you don’t mind getting blue

Gloves if you don’t want blue hands

One smallish item (shirt, canvas shoes, scarf) to be dyed at the end of the day

Learn to weave a wall hanging on a lap loom with Cleo Malone from Cast Away Yarn Shop. Explore texture and color play with your leftover yarn, or dig into the scrap yarn bin at the Craft Bar.

Supplies needed: lap loom (bring your own or rent/purchase one at Craft Camp), scrap yarn in a variety of weights and colors, imagination!

weaving with cleo

Craft Bar

A craft bar will be available for the duration of Craft Camp with supplies for all campers to enjoy and a variety of crafts to sample and play with, including:


Embroidery supplies will be available and Craft Counselors will assist you with embroidery stitches and designs as desired.


Try your hand at hooking, with yarn and crochet hooks provided and Craft Counselors to assist you with the basic stitches.


Try your hand at a lap loom. Materials and Craft Counselor guidance provided.

Drop-in Craft Clinic

Need help with your project? One of our Craft Counselors will assist you. Availability may vary depending on craft and need.